Bloodstone is a rare semi precious stone, other than being found on Rum by the shore, it is mined commercially in china and America.

 Rum Bloodstone has been smoothed and shaped by thousands of years of rolling in and out on the tide, it is found and collected from Guirdil beach, on the west coast of the island, at the base of Bloodstone Hill.

It's a variety of dark green chalcedony, typically it has bright red spots or splashes of haematite or iron oxide. 

An unusual and beautiful stone, it also has qualities similar to flint and was used for axe heads and tools in ancient settlements on the island. 

 It is best found at low tide and getting to guirdil and back is a good day's walk.

I have a stone polisher which smoothes and polishes the bloodstone so that I can turn it into jewellery. The polishing process takes around 4 weeks, depending on the state of the stones when I find them.The polisher has to stay on 24 hours a day and can take several days to get into the right rhythm.