About me, my family and where we live

I'm Fliss and I live on the lovely Isle of Rum with my husband, Sandy, and my three daughters. We live right by the sea and have a fabulous view, so close to the sea that occasionally when the tide is really high and the wind's blowing from the east, the sea ends up in our front yard!

We have a black lab called Tinker, 4 cats and 5 chickens. Along with looking after that lot, I have 2 part time jobs and run my craft emporium. I make crafts, lovely things out of whatever I can lay my hands on, wool is my current favourite.

I also like making soap and all natural creams & potions too, there will be a line of them on the website after the winter.

My little craftshop sells a variety of stuff I make and also some items my friends make too. I also sell souvenirs like tea towels, mugs and postcards. Rum Crafts, as we now call it, started life as the craftshack, it still is a shack really.With no available buildings or land one of my sheds became 'la shop' - a lick of paint or two, a replacement door and window, a splash of decking and voila. Inside the shelves are made of old wooden fishboxes and pieces of Sandy's grans antique furniture. You either love it or don't get it at all!

We also have a polytunnel to grow loads of lovely greens. yum. And strawberries. yum yum. Sandy is a joiner aka master furniture maker, esp his beds which are fabulous, even if I do say so. I sleep in one myself. He's taking charge of our current house conversion to B&B which will be ready by spring - another website for me to do too!! His latest idea is the 'Sandypod' his take on all these camping pods you see nowadays, pictures when it's complete.